PictureL-R, Me and Samantha (summer bike-buddy)
Sunday. Wedding day. Well, actually the reception of the son of a friend of mine. I am 37 years old. How can I be already attending weddings of the children of my friends. Am I old? Am I middle aged? Hummph. I hope not. But is hope enough?
Actually, the groom's sister is also my friend and she is just a decade and a little bit younger than me so I guess I might be overreacting just a tad. Or am I?
But if this is middle age, I will be fighting it with everything I've got. I will not go gently into that good night. I will rage, rage, RAGE. And I WILL look great doing it! 
That's my resolution for today and the rest of this week. I resolve to look good to face my challenges. "Everything looks better when you're dressed up" is something my mom used to say when I was growing up. And I have learned you should always listen to your mother.

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