Home away from home. I am housesitting at my friend's new apartment, to facilitate the Verizon guy coming in to set up FiOS and thinking "Smart TVs are really great!" 
One phrase I have said sooo many times over the years is, "The person who invented (insert name of an awesome thing) should get the Nobel Prize."
In the last 15 years or so, I have nominated for the Nobel Prize the person who invented the little case for my iPad that has the 2 way magnetic closure so when I open it, the tag isn't hanging out but just snaps back (genius!), the person who invented autocorrect on smart phones so you can type random gibberish and it assumes what you might have been typing and gives you (sometimes smart) suggestions, the person who invented the clip-less pedals on my road bike (that I can stay attached to my bike is a fact that still amazes me seeing that I still have scar tissue on my inner calf from where my feet used to slip off my pedal and I would constantly graze the same small area over and over and over), the person who invented the coin sorters in the supermarkets so every few months, I can throw in a big bag of change and get a wad of real cash that I can spend on anything I want without having to roll any coins in a piece of paper. But today, drumroll, please.... Today, I nominate the guy who invented the smart TV. Yeah, Yeah, I know. It wasn't a guy; the smart TV is the result of years of innovation culminating in a product that is still being refined and being perfected. But right now, I am in awe of the technology that is in front of me and I KNOW I am not alone. I know you're out there. You agree with me!
So, FiOS. Insert Verizon plug here. I wish it also meant inserting some Verizon advertisement money in my pockets but maybe later.
I love technology!
And while I house-sit in the mostly empty apartment, being amazed at how great TV really is, I am doing my day's quota of Pilates and eating fruit and planning my meals for the rest of the day. Because YOU HAVE TO PLAN FOR OUR OWN SUCCESS! That's my quote of the day. Feel free to borrow it, only give me credit, I ask :-)
Planning for success in my Daniel's Diet experience means having food on hand so I am not starving and cheating on the diet. It means bringing fruit along so I have snacks and don't feel like buying and scarfing down an entire can of Pringles. 
...and making plans for lunch that includes a tasty bean dish so I don't feel constant cravings for the fried chicken that is never far away in this neighborhood.
Pray for me!

Snack Plans

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